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Diamond Mesh Wrap

Diamond Mesh Wrap

Brand-new diamond mesh ribbon.


Perfect for decorating wedding cakes, candle holders, clothing and accessories. This product shines brilliantly in the light, and is available in a variety of lengths and widths. We currently carry 19 brilliant colors. Note that there are no actual rhinestones on the product; rather it is made from coated plastic indents that reflect the light very well, giving the appearance of rhinestones. The rhinestone mesh shows on one side, with a flat back side. The ribbon may be cut in any direction, sewn and glued without damaging it, making it the perfect addition to your decorating needs!

Num of Rows Width (inches)
2 .375"
4 .750"
8 1.500"
12 2.250"
24 4.500"

Check out our Diamond Mesh FAQ page for more information!