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Sparkles Make It Special Crystal Rhinestone Ribbon is perfect for decorating wedding cakes, clothing, and accessories.

Each high-quality rhinestone is individually set in a metal cup and attached in a flexible grid. Rhinestones are available in both SS16 and larger SS19 sizes.

We offer our rhinestone ribbon in a variety of lengths and widths. It can be cut, sewn, glued, and hot glued to fit any project you may have!


Our diamond rhinestone mesh wrap can be used on everything from wedding cakes and candle holders, to clothing and craft projects.

Sparkles Make It Special’s colorful mesh wrap is available in 19 colors, from traditional silver to different shades of green, blue, pink and more. While the mesh does not contain actual rhinestones, it does reflect the light with a brilliant shine.

We offer our mesh wrap in widths from 3/8 inches to 4 1/2 inches. And in lengths up to 10 yards.


Sparkles Make It Special premium grosgrain ribbon is a sturdy and crisp fabric, great for many everyday decorating needs.

Grosgrain ribbon is available in 23 vibrant colors. The ribbon is tightly woven with a grosgrain pattern with parallel ridges.

Each roll of grosgrain ribbon is 50 yards long, and available in widths from 3/8 inch to 1 1/2 inches.


Sparkles Make It Special premium organza ribbon with satin edges is an elegant ribbon, appropriate for weddings, receptions, or any special event.

Organza ribbon is available in over two dozen vibrant colors. The ribbon features a beautiful organza fabric, with smooth satin edges.

Each roll of organza ribbon is 25 yards long, and available in widths from 3/8 inch to 1 1/2 inches.


Sparkles Make It Special premium single-sided satin ribbon is perfect for decorating weddings, bouquets, receptions, parties and more.

Satin ribbon is available in over two dozen vibrant colors. The satin ribbon is ultra-smooth, and can be easily cut, sewn and tied.

Rolls of satin ribbon are available in lengths of 50 and 100 yards, and available in widths from 1/4 inch to 1 1/2 inches.


Sparkles Make It Special polyester tulle is a beautiful all-purpose fabric, ideal for weddings, receptions, or everyday decorations.

Tulle is available in a variety of styles, from 6-inch wide rolls to 54-inch wide bolts. Rolls come in 25 and 100 yard lengths, while extra-large tulle bolts are 40 yards long.

All our tulle may be cut and will not unravel. Decorate pews, create sashes – even wrap gifts. And tulle is available in over two dozen vibrant colors.


Decorate your next wedding or special event with Sparkles Make It Special nylon organza. This beautiful fabric can be easily cut and used for any project you dream up.

Organza rolls are available in two styles. 6-inch wide tulle rolls are 25 yards long. While our larger rolls are 11.4 inches wide, and 28.4 yards long.

Organza is available in over two dozen vibrant colors. Mix and match colors to create your own unique decorative look.


Sparkles Make It Special favor boxes are an inexpensive and fun way to provide gifts to everyone at your next wedding, reception, birthday or special event.

Favor boxes come in a variety of styles, from different sizes of ribbon boxes to miniature popcorn boxes, purses and treasure chests. The perfect sizes for Jordan Almonds, pillow mints, Hershey Kisses, M&M’s, or any small gift.

Each favor box folds together in seconds. Available in a variety of exciting colors, each with glitter accents.


Sparkles Make It Special organza favor bags are an inexpensive yet classy way to provide gifts to everyone at your next wedding, reception or special event.

Organza favor bags are available in two sizes: 3 by 4 inches, and 4 by 6 inches. The perfect sizes for Jordan Almonds, pillow mints, Hershey Kisses, M&M’s, or any small gift.

Favor bags are available in over 20 exciting colors, and in quantities of 25 to 200. Each favor bag features a ribbon for keeping it closed. Prices start at under 10 cents apiece!


We offer many shapes and sizes of tablecloths for all types of events!

All of our tablecloths are made of high quality premium polyester. Our round tablecloths are offered in 90", 108", and 120" sizes. Our rectangle tablecloths are available in a variety of sizes including fitted tablecloths.

Most of our tablecloths can be found in white, ivory, and black.


Fabric Napkins are perfect for weddings, banquets, restaurants, or any special event you are looking to host!

Both our 20" and 17" square napkins are made of premium quality polyester fabric.

We offer many beautiful colors of napkins and package deals. And don't forget to check out ones that include our new and beautiful rhinestone napkin rings made of high quality SS16 rhinestones!


Class up your next dinner party or reception with napkin rings from Sparkles Make It Special.

Napkin rings come in three styles: traditional rhinestone mesh napkin rings simply slip over your table setting, velcro rhinestone mesh napkin rings fasten around your napkin, and premium rhinestone napkin rings stretch for a snug fit every time.

Traditional rhinestone mesh napkin rings are available in 19 exciting colors, and start at under $.40/each. Velcro napkin rings are available in silver at a similar price point. Premium napkin rings include actual SS16 rhinestones and look stunning at the dinner table.


Sparkles Make It Special chair bows are the perfect way to dress up your wedding or reception chairs. Or use as a sash for any decorating need.

Chair bows are available in over 2 dozen colors, and come in both a high-quality satin or in premium organza. Each chair bow is 8 inches wide and 108 inches long.

Plus pair your chair bows with silver rhinestone velcro bow covers. Each bow cover easily fastens over the knot in the bow, for an added shine and texture.


Looking for a quick, easy and inexpensive way to decorate your wedding, reception, or even your home? Look no further than Sparkles Make It Special Chinese Paper Lanterns.

Paper lanterns ship flat, but quickly expand with the included wire frames. Available in over a dozen colors, and in sizes from 6 inches to 18 inches.

Choose to pair your paper lanterns with our white LED lights, which are battery powered and hang from the internal wire frame. No tools necessary!


Sparkles Make It Special wine glass lampshades are a simple yet sophisticated way to create a beautiful and unique centerpiece out of any wine glass.

Simply curve the vellum lampshades and insert the tabs into the slots. There are 2 slots for adjusting the size of each lampshade to match the size of your wine glasses. Plus each lampshade comes with adhesive rhinestones to add an extra sparkle.

Place any LED tealight into your wine glass and you instantly have a decoration that will be the talk of the party. Or simply choose one of our lamp shade kits which include LED tea lights.

Each lamp shade measures approximately 5 inches tall, excluding the wine glass. Lampshades are available in packs of 12 to 120.