100 pc Silver Rhinestone Napkin Rings - Diamond Crystal Wedding Reception

100 pack of brand-new Silver Faux Rhinestone Napkin Rings. Sparkles Make It Special Faux-Rhinestone Mesh Napkin Rings are a timeless way to bring a touch of elegance to your wedding, event, banquet, or party.

MEASUREMENTS: 1.125 inches (6 rows) wide
MATERIALS: Faux-rhinestone plastic reflectors on a versatile, flexible mesh and secured with professional-grade hot glue
SETUP: Simply slip on over our rolled 17-inch or 20-inch Fabric Napkins (sold separately)
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The Sparkles Make It Special Faux-Rhinestone Glued Mesh Napkin Ring is a popular flat-backed faux-rhinestone decorative mesh napkin ring, also referred to as a diamond mesh napkin ring, or a deco mesh napkin ring, and can be used to enliven home decor, table settings, and tablescapes. This napkin ring is chosen by event-planning professionals for the high-quality elegant appearance of expensive rhinestones with the go-to affordability of faux-rhinestone-coated plastic indents. This reusable napkin ring helps you create a beautiful look anywhere, including special events like a wedding, baby shower, dinner party, bridal shower, or Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. Our Faux-Rhinestone Napkin Rings are the perfect sparkle overlay when starting with our traditional Fabric Napkins (sold separately). Whether a formal, lavish event or a relaxed affair, Sparkles Make It Special has your event (and your napkin ring needs) covered.

  • ENHANCE YOUR NAPKINS: the Sparkles Make It Special Faux-Rhinestone Glued Napkin Ring features shimmery plastic indents that reflect the light brilliantly while the mesh features a vibrant, eye-catching hue, perfect to elevate the look of your table settings
  • TURN ORDINARY TO EXTRAORDINARY: showcase attractive splashes of sparkle and transform your design with this faux-diamond mesh napkin ring for a lavish wedding reception, Bar Mitzvah, Quinceanera, corporate event, or outdoor event
  • CHOOSE BLING ON A BUDGET: made from 100% brand-new, first-run production faux-rhinestones, this reusable and affordable napkin ring is both value-priced and perfect for adding glitz and glamor to your design
  • USE WITH EASE: the faux-rhinestone napkin ring can easily be slipped onto any rolled fabric napkin, including our 17-inch and 20-inch Napkins (sold separately), to keep them in place
  • ACCENTUATE AND ENCHANT: spruce up simple fabric napkins with the bling and shine of faux-rhinestone napkin rings
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SKU 2021002749
Manufacturer Sparkles Make It Special
Condition New
Description Faux Rhinestone Napkin Ring
Color Silver
Material Plastic Mesh
Width 6 Row
Pack Quantity 100