5 Reasons Why Napkin Rings are the Best Wedding “Ring” You Can Get

Napkin rings are the unsung hero of the reception dinner tablescape. While centerpieces and charger plates tend to be eye-catching, the napkin ring is a smaller detail that nonetheless touches every guest sitting down for dinner. While other decor is noticed from afar, the napkin ring is touched and admired by every guest. We just love napkin rings because it’s an opportunity to bring your design theme up close and personal with every single person. Find out more why we’re giving napkin rings so much love:

  1. Easy Setup
    Instead of worrying about setting up and folding hundreds of napkins into fancy designs (which we love, too, if you’ve got the time for it), you can choose a more convenient time-saving route. The napkin ring allows you to be fancy in less time. And if you already have a long list of setup items including chairs, chair covers, sashes with fancy bows, and tablescapes, reducing the time you spend on napkins (while still adding sparkle) will really help streamline the process.
  2. Tiny Details Matter
    While the wedding ring is about you and your beloved, the napkin ring is about you and your guests. It’s a sweet and small detail to help share your special day with your cherished attendees. Honestly, we just love them because they make everything look so cute. Plus, napkin rings don’t have to be expensive. For example, our rhinestone mesh napkin rings start for as little as 25 cents per napkin ring for a pack of 200 (and that’s certainly more affordable than a wedding ring!).
  3. Convenient Storage
    Napkin rings are affordable items that store easily. With little effort, you can have your helpers collect the napkin rings at the end of the night and store them in a small bin.
  4. Use For Multiple Events
    Whether for an anniversary party or even a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, the napkin rings will be ready to serve you well, adding sparkle and joy to any event for years to come.
  5. Because You Deserve Beautiful Things For Your Wedding
    And lastly, you deserve beautiful things for your wedding from the small tablescape details like napkin rings to the symbol of your love with your wedding ring.

If you’re interested in learning more about napkin rings, check out our three styles of rings: Velcro Rhinestone Mesh Napkin Rings and slip-on Rhinestone Mesh Napkin Rings available in 19 exciting colors, and Premium Genuine SS-16 Rhinestone Stretch Napkin Rings.