Satin Ribbon - 1/4" 3/8" 5/8" 7/8" 1.5" Inch Wide Roll - 28 Colors Available

Sparkles Make It Special Satin Ribbon is a timeless way to bring a touch of elegance to your wedding, event, banquet, or party and enhances anything from gift wrapping and hair bows to belts, floral arrangements, and more.

MEASUREMENTS: Choose 1/4", 3/8", 5/8", 7/8", or 1.5" inches wide
MATERIALS: 100% brand new premium polyester, single-sided glossy satin finish
CARE: Washable (without shrinking) and dry-cleanable
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Satin Ribbon
Satin Ribbon

Sparkles Make It Special Satin Ribbon is a popular accent decoration that dresses up practically anything from hair bows to gift wrapping to floral arrangements. Chosen by event-planning professionals for its high-quality elegance and go-to affordability, our color-fast, non-shrink, washable, and dry-cleanable Satin Ribbon decoration delivers that lush and rich look and feel. Made from 100% brand new, first-run production premium fabric, this roll of ribbon features an ultra-smooth, single-sided satin finish perfect for edging and decoration. With over 2 dozen vibrant colors to choose from and each delivering that smooth shine, our Satin Ribbon is easily cut, sewn, and tied to create an elegant look anywhere, including at your wedding, baby shower, dinner party, bridal shower, or even your Thanksgiving or Christmas celebration. Whether a formal, lavish event or a relaxed affair, Sparkles Make It Special has your event (and your ribbon needs) covered.

  • GET CREATIVE AND CRAFTY: the Sparkles Make It Special Satin Ribbon can be tied into charming ribbon bows, draped across any decoration, or used as attractive splashes of color. It is the best type of ribbon to add glossy texture overlays to your home decor, crafting, floral arrangements, gifts, and other decorations
  • TURN ORDINARY TO EXTRAORDINARY: showcase attractive decor and transform your event whether for a wedding reception, Bar Mitzvah, Quinceanera, corporate event, or outdoor event
  • CHOOSE EASY-TO-MAINTAIN RIBBON: the satin-finish ribbon highlights color-fast dye and can be washed (without shrinking!) or even dry cleaned
  • CUT WITHOUT TOO MUCH FRAYING: the 100% polyester satin-finished ribbon is durable and easily cut, sewn, and tied without a lot of fraying or sewing complexity
  • ACCENTUATE AND ENCHANT: spruce up your gifts and adorn bouquets, baskets, apparels, and more with an added shimmering satin finish
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