What are the types of chair covers and which one works the best for your big event?

What are the Types of Chair Covers, and Which One Works the Best for Your Big Event?

Chair covers are slip covers for folding or banquet chairs often used by wedding planners, designers, and DIY brides for weddings or formal events. Check out the types and shapes available to you to help you decide which one is right for your big event.

Common Fabrics


Polyester chair covers are chair-shaped fabric covers with seams along the seat and crown of the backrest to fit well over standard folding chairs or banquet chairs. Stain resistant and wrinkle resistant, polyester is a sturdy material and a great choice for value-conscious DIY brides and event planners. They easily slip on for fast setup and can be removed quickly, too. If you have a fast takedown requirement or time constraint, a polyester or satin cover will work great. Make sure you allot time to steam or iron the chair covers prior to your big day. See our care guide for more instructions.


Satin chair covers are chair-shaped fabric covers made of glossy satin fabric. The shine adds class and formality to any event (and don’t worry, your guests won’t slide off of them, no matter how glossy they look!). Like the polyester chair covers, the satin chair covers have seams along the seat and crown of the backrest and may need to be ironed (with a pressing cloth between the material and the iron) or steamed to get the wrinkles out before your big day. They easily slip on for fast setup and can be removed quickly, too. Like the polyester, if you have a fast takedown time constraint, a satin cover will work great.


Spandex chair covers are stain-resistant, wrinkle-free fitted covers (the equivalent of a fitted sheet) that has foot pockets to securely fasten the chair cover to the chair legs for a snug fit. Because the spandex is a stretchy elastic material, any wrinkles stretch out of it when the chair cover is pulled into place, saving you valuable prep time not having to iron them. However, set up can take a little longer because you’ll need to secure the pockets rather than simply slipping them over the chairs.

Other Materials and Designs

While we have stocked the most popular materials, there are other variations to consider like ruffles, dimensional rosettes, pintuck, and more.


Folding Chairs and Banquet Chairs

There are 2 different fits available for the chair covers, offered for standard folding and for standard crown- and round-backed banquet chairs.


All our chair covers come in three foundational colors (white, black, ivory) from which to add your colorful accents. We suggest sticking with simplicity for chair covers, then adding tasteful accents like pairing the chair covers with chair sashes and bows to make the event design your own (and to keep your event cost-effective as well as effortlessly designed).

Decision fatigue can set in as you begin to uncover all the various moving parts of planning a wedding. We always encourage our customers to simplify their designs to reduce their sense of overwhelm and to make each decision from the heart. Good luck and congratulations!